Sustainability and Adaptation Planning Foundation

(SuAP Foundation)

"The Earth has enough for everyone's need but not everyone's greed.."
Mahatma Gandhi
"Sustainability is not a destination; it's a journey of continuous improvement and resilience."
Michael Lee, Environmental Scientist

Our Vision

Mainstream Sustainable development for climate preparedness of Every Citizen

Our mission

To work towards Sustainable Development, Climate adaptation and community centric Planning across sectors; By Developing Partnerships between government organisations, Public Sector and community based Organisations

Who are we?

At the Sustainability and Adaptation Planning Foundation, our mission is to work towards sustainable development, climate adaptations, and community-centric planning across sectors.

What can we do for you?


Empower Yourself: Join Our Webinar Series on Climate Change, water management and other topics

Training Programs

Unlock Your Potential: Explore Our Diverse Training Programs

School Climate Resilience plan

Nurturing Resilient Futures: Our School Climate Resilience Plan

Online Short Courses

Watch out this space. We announce short courses on water management and climate change.


Our research work focuses on existing climate change issues at grass root level

Field Activities

Walk the talk with us.
Lets make changes on ground for better tomorrow

Glimpses of Change: Through the Lens of Our Mission

Discover the heart and soul of the SuAP Foundation through a visual odyssey that encapsulates our unwavering dedication to a sustainable future.From the smiles of empowered individuals to the landscapes transformed by our initiatives, these images embody the essence of our mission.